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CPC Values.

Our VALUES guide how we treat one another and the clients we serve.

Bring Value Everyday.

We expect all of our team members regardless of their title, position, longevity, or current role to add to the value of the business. This can include business improvements like proposing innovative ideas, timely execution, business development, etc. This can also include adding to the environment of the organization with things like grabbing a cup of coffee for your coworker, picking up trash, shoveling the sidewalk, or sponsoring a charity event. Our company is at its best when the team participates actively in bettering the organization.

Welcome Conflict.

We expect those at our organization to be receptive to feedback that might be difficult to hear, and to deliver feedback that might be difficult to deliver. In order for each of us to be our best, we must be ready to take, and give hard feedback. To have difficult conversations. To get excited to grow to more than we were.

Humble & Hungry.

We expect all of our people to lead with humility while striving for their next level of excellence. That includes leaving pride at the door, and being willing to clean a toilet. Titles and accolades are not primary drivers, nor an indication of worth at our organization. Rather, an interest in being more than we were yesterday is the motivator.

Honest, Direct Communication.

We expect our team to be clear, honest, and timely with their communication. The way we can best achieve our goals as an organization is to be concise. At times, this communication style may feel blunt, but it should come from a place of genuine care for the team and the organization.

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