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The cannabis industry is complex and highly regulated.  We get it and we are committed to being by your side every step of the way.  From pre-license to license, to running a successful operation, and potentially planning for an exit, CPC provides full outsourced management services designed to help you succeed.  


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CPC helps cannabis entrepreneurs navigate the licensing process, developing a plan of action for license completion that is customized to each of our clients specific needs.  We provide project management services throughout the entire process inclusive of the following examples:

  • Identification of team members

  • Real estate acquisition

  • Financial modeling

  • Human resource policies

  • Anything else included in state's licensing processes 


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CPC works with cannabis companies to outline construction timelines and operates as the point person between the builders, vendors, contractors and the cannabis business.  We update management regularly and oversee all aspects including the:

  • construction firm

  • contractors and vendors

  • security system installation

  • compliance with state and local zoning and permitting requirements 


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CPC helps cannabis entrepreneurs, and existing companies looking to expand, locate real estate, understand zoning requirements, and negotiate lease or buy terms.  We develop extensive due diligence lists to make sure a property fits your specific needs and complies with cannabis regulations.  Examples of questions we help you answer during the due diligence process:

  • Does the property have coverage requirements that allow for the necessary building size?

  • What are the town views on cannabis?

  • Is it in an allowable zone?

  • What special permits will be needed?

  • Are their abutters?  If so, how do they feel about your potential real estate needs?

  • And many more!


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Cultivation is one of the most capital and talent intensive cannabis verticals.  However, it can be lucrative and rewarding if executed correctly.  Understanding how to actually grow high-quality cannabis is the first step but right behind that is having a financial model that shows your company can be profitable.  We help cannabis entrepreneurs looking to enter the cultivation side of the industry with:

  • Identification of appropriate vendors

  • Quality control and testing procedures

  • Integrated pest management plan (IPM)

  • Train grow staff

  • Outfitting of their space 


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In addition to the everyday HR nuances, many cannabis companies have specific hiring requirements they must meet to be compliant with state regulations.  Some of which include adherence to diverse hiring, regulated training programs, background checks, random drug testing and more.  CPC operates as PEO helping cannabis companies with recruiting, hiring, onboarding and staff continuity.  Examples of other areas HR areas we handle for our clients:

  • Employee handbook development

  • Mentoring

  • Implementation of evaluation programs

  • Onboarding and training plans

  • Compliance with state and cannabis regulations 


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As part of the licensing process, many states will require statements on how you will positively impact the community, your cannabis company's plan for diversity, equity and inclusion, and much more.  CPC will not only help you draft these plans as part of the licensing process but we ensure your licensing commitments are adhered to throughout your time in operation.  

Other examples of assistance we provide to cannabis companies include: 

  • Investor relations

  • Involvement in appropriate industry and community associations 

  • PR outreach and the local and national level 

  • Social equity plans and improvement


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When you grow cannabis you need to sell it.  When you operate a dispensary you need to attract customers.  To put it simply, when you process, transport or operate any other cannabis vertical you need to sell products or services to have a viable business.  At CPC we work with cannabis entrepreneurs and operators in all verticals helping with:

  • Development of overall sales and marketing plans

  • Development of brand story

  • Website design and implementation

  • Social media and digital strategy

  • Product marketing

  • Customer retention

  • And much more!


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The foundation of any well run business is understanding the impact of decisions on the bottom line.  As the cannabis industry is federally illegal, this becomes even more important.   The wrong business structure at the start and/or not understanding how to track employee activities could cost cannabis companies thousands, if not millions in federal tax due to 280E.  Lack of proper recordkeeping could cause license revocation due to not complying with state licensing requirements, and lack of understanding of financing needs early, and throughout operations, does not give investors the confidence they need to invest in your cannabis business.  Because cannabis is federally illegal, private investment is important as banks and other federally regulated institutions will not lend money to the industry.

At CPC we not only ensure your company is compliant but we help you proactively plan so you can make informed financial decisions.  We also work with cannabis companies to put together financial models that work during all lifecycles of a state's cannabis program, from inception when pricing is high to when the market starts to level-out and possibly take a dip.  


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We help cannabis companies prepare for the rainy days.  With any business there is risk, but especially in a federally illegal, highly regulated industry such as cannabis.  Understanding this risk well in advance allows companies to respond efficiently & effectively.  We help companies obtain everything from workers comp and liability insurance to property insurance.  We also work with cannabis companies by:


  • Providing general policies and procedures to mitigate risk and ensure employee safety

  • Developing risk assessment and recommendations spanning from governance to inventory control procedures and physical security

  • Development of other risk considerations unique to your company such as crop loss and theft / fraud


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Cannabis companies in all vertical face IT complications, legal issues, and day to day hiccups.  CPC's outsourced IT services are designed to help you leave the IT issues to us, so you do not have disruptions running your cannabis business.  As part of our full outsourced management services for the cannabis industry, we bring managed IT services, cannabis compliance, cannabis security solutions, and more to our clients. 


In addition, as a cannabis business owner it is important to understand state reporting requirements, and to make sure you have the proper software and systems in place.  CPC is well versed in state by state requirements and will work with you to determine the best IT solutions for your cannabis operation.  


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In addition to CPC's other outsourced management service offerings we offer general operation services such as making sure:

  • Inventory procedures in compliance with licensing requirements and commitments

  • Record keeping procedures in compliance with licensing requirements and commitments*

  • Storage of marijuana in compliance with licensing requirements and commitment

  • Development and Adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Operational readiness - ready to open doors on time and in compliance with state regulations

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